Volumetric Deformation

Deformation refers to the change in time of the position and orientation properties of graphical elements. This has been considerably explored for surface meshes, where deformation is usually performed on the vertices of a mesh. Volume deformation has also been considered in the literature, where deformation is performed on voxels or the space. Volume deformation consists on the change of the shape of a volumetric object, by changing the position of its constituting elements. Here we consider a volume as a discretely sampled object representation, enclosed in a regular grid. Therefore, volume deformation can be described as the change of the position of the points in the grid.

Multi-Step Brain
Vizlab has publications pertaining to various topics in the field of volume deformation. Following are the projects we have worked on. Click on the respective title for more information:


VolDefo Code:
If you would like to try our Volume Deformation code please click here (navigates to the VolDefo page): VolDefo


Here are some models of volume deformations produced using 3D printing technology:

The Zoetrope: The zoetrope was sequence of 3D printed datasets of the“visible man running”. The image on the right is a closeup of the models around the zoetrope. A mirrored center allowed images of the visible man to be successively reflected which resulted in the appearance of a running visible man.


Images of the 3D models of the deformation datasets. Foot model, Frog model and head model. The datasets had a deformation applied (in software) and were then “printed”.


Take a look at the Zeotrope in action in this video:


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